Training and education

WSS can offer bespoke training courses on various aspects of wastewater treatment plant design and simulation. Professional packages such as Biowin®, GPS-X® and SIMBA® can also be incorporated into training programmes.

Our group can address:

  • General wastewater model development, calibration and validation procedures
  • Determination of the maximum process capacity of existing plants
  • Minimisation of capital expenditures by assessing proposed plant upgrades
  • Optimisation of existing treatment plants by evaluating the effects of different control strategies, process modifications and low cost retrofits
  • Assist in the design of new wastewater treatment plants
  • Examination of methods for reduction of operating costs and the effects of these changes on effluent quality
  • Evaluation and comparison of various treatment process solutions
  • Simulations of plant operation during breakdown and maintenance periods
  • Assistance during plant commissioning and switching on new parts of the treatment plant
  • Education of plant operators

Other services

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