Peter Bounds

Dr Peter Bounds

Senior Lecturer

Telephone+44 (0) 116 257 7589

Queens Building, 3.05

Peter is a senior lecturer at De Montfort University and member of the Water Software Systems research group. He worked in the computing industry for two years before joining the research group, and then for eleven years he was employed on fixed-term industrial-research projects working for the water industry.

Peter has successfully completed projects for Thames Water Utilities Ltd in the UK, Société du Canal de Provence in France, and Société Wallonne des Distributions d’Eau in Belgium. He has made major contributions to the area of computer aided engineering environments for water distribution systems. He has integrated databases, simulators and optimization solvers into a commercial computer-aided network-engineering package called Finesse.

He is particularly interested in employing high-level modeling languages to solve optimal control problems. Successes so far include online optimal network control scheduler, pressure control scheduler, network model calibrator, flow scheduler and hydraulic simulator.


BSc(Hons) MSc PhD


2010 Application of High-level Languages for Water Network Modelling: Supporting an Advanced Computer Aided Water Network Engineering environment
2009 Combined Energy and Pressure Management in Water Distribution Systems
2009 Optimal pump scheduling with pressure control aspects: case studies
2008 Pressure control in district metering areas with boundary and internal pressure reducing valves
2007 Case studies in energy and pressure management in water distribution systems
2000 Open and Closed Loop Pressure Control for Leakage Reduction